cranky people +
                       cranky questions =
 -interviews with an attitude-
               ten minutes 
     of indiscreet provocation

in the batter's box--february 3, 2012
pam houston (82% true, 18% don't ask)
in the line-up

matthew dickman (maybe she'll moan a little)

dorianne laux (the what-have-we-done of it)

charles baxter (everything gives me grief)

jo ann beard (what would werner do?)

luis alberto urrea (just ask arizona)

susan orlean (a droll attitude toward catastrophe)

anthony doerr (strangler figs--i'm just sayin')

daniel orozco (there can be cruelty)

monique truong (food, sweat, & tears)

diana abu-jaber (the very reluctant bedouin)

jess walter ('like' is a strong word)

bonnie jo campbell (my mom would hate it)

david shields (unrepentant literary homerist)

shann ray (what's this thing i hear about forgiveness?)

andrew sean greer (how dare you?)

antonya nelson (nothing [is ever] right)

adam johnson (part irony, part pure dread)

brandon schrand (mayhem & misbehavior)

karen karbo (dance like the devil on your head)
dan chaon (night terrors, they're nice)

sam ligon (somebody needs a spanking here, and it's probably me)

ben percy (aka 'super crank'--the scowl, the growl)

claire davis (ms. darkness visible to you, bub)

robert wrigley (gothic-misanthrope-sublime)

buddy levy (don't make me drive your bus)

steve almond (oedipal monster baby)

alan heathcock (it's the hat)

....and more



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